Vemac is an integral advisor and partner to its clients in the development and implementation of the construction program. Vemac’s early involvement in a project will save time and money and allows the client to proceed with confidence.

Vemac’s Pre-design services include design coordination, review and evaluation. Contract documents are closely reviewed as they are being developed to flush out any design details that require additional clarification or revisions before field work begins.

By helping the client define the building project, Vemac can provide meaningful guidance for their design needs. Vemac can provide site studies and analysis, help obtain planning and zoning approvals and perform a variety of other pre-design tasks that impact the client’s project overall considerations.

Being involved at the earliest planning stage Vemac gains more opportunities to understand the client’s business, develop creative integrated solutions and propose ways to reduce costs. The long-term result is a product that adds to the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of a client’s operation.

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