Fort Hancock Independent School District


Project Description

Fort Hancock I.S.D. entailed multiple project construction, first an Administration Building of approximately 5,000 square feet consisting of offices, restroom facilities and a board room area, along with file storage spaces and audio/video technology.

In addition, the project also included the construction of a High School Building approximately 28,000 square feet, which replaces the original building lost in a tragic file in 2003. It consists of classrooms, administration area, restroom facilities, exterior tennis courts, site work and a new replacement bell tower.

The projects are rounded out by the addition of a new 17,500 square foot gymnasium with bleachers to site 700 persons and a full seating capacity of 1,050 persons using the center floor area. It has six backstops, a large entry foyer and full locker room for male & female athletics along with a theatrical stage area. The structures comply with all Building and ADA codes.

VeMac works in coordination with developers, the city, and utility companies throughout the construction process. With the current Fort Hancock project, Vemac assisted the owner in surveying and negotiations in order to purchase additional land from an agricultural entity. VeMac also presented plans to the Hudspeth County seat in order to obtain approval for the Fort Hancock project to proceed with construction. This was done because the town of Fort Hancock has no inspection entity. Finally, VeMac worked extensively with the El Paso Electric Company in Tornillo, Texas to not only develop site electrical power, but also to provide power sources to areas beyond the construction limits.

VeMac has minimized project delays by coordinating early with subcontractors to ensure the timely execution of the schedule. This approach occurs in lieu of the one plan / one bid method.

Additional Information

Owner: Fort Hancock Independent School District

Location: Fort Hancock, Texas

Nature of Selection: Construction Manager at Risk with GMP

Total: $4,500,000.00

Architect: Arcon/SMS Architects

Completion Date: On Time August 2004