BCT 3 Government Organizational Parking Project


Project Description

The work consists of providing materials, equipment, and labor for the construction of (2,439,490 sf) the BCT-3 Organizational Parking which includes construction of erosion control; mass grading, fine grading; storm drainage systems; sleeves for irrigation systems, sub-grade preparation, reinforced concrete paving, jointing and sealing, parking lot lighting including conduit, wire, transformers, control panels, photocells, and connection to existing electrical systems; signage, stripping, and traffic control; SWPPP; and other items defined in the contract documents. This scope of work includes providing and maintaining a storm water pollution prevention plan for the entire BCT-3 area impacted by construction operations under this present contract. Existing grades depicted on the plans were anticipated to be within ±0.3 feet. Vemac was required to perform a complete verification survey of all parking lots. In addition, Vemac was required to provide a, safety and health plan, a quality control plan, a site survey report, a work plan, a work schedule, systems/equipment testing, operating and maintenance manuals, training, equipment and construction warranties, and as-built/final drawings. This project was a massive exercise in organization and coordination as there was ongoing vertical construction activities in every phase surrounding and within the scope of this project. VeMac was largely responsible for coordinating the timing and activities of the many contractors and subcontractors on site for all the other projects in the area. Built to LEED certifiable criteria.

Additional Information

Location: Biggs Army Airfield - East Fort Bliss, Texas

Nature of Selection: Sealed Bid - Firm Fixed Price

Total: $16,278,914.00

Completion Date: January 2011