Larry Durham Sports and Fitness Center


Project Description

This project has a new Asphalt Parking lot consisting of a 17,2900 SF with a 2” HMAC over a 6” base course. Curbs and gutters were installed at the parking lot’s exterior perimeter and interior islands with a total of 960 LF. Exterior 5 ft wide concrete reinforced sidewalks, 2” deep, were installed for a total of 800 LF. Handicap ramps were also included. During the construction phase, all under ground utilities installation were oversight. Special care was taken due to existing under ground fiber optic lines as well as electrical and plumbing lines. Exterior lighting was installed too. A total of 10 light poles were installed as well as decorative electrical pipe light bollards around the new Center. All signage was installed at the Parking Lot as well as all required paving striping for vehicle spaces, handicap spaces and fire lines.

Additional Information

Location: Sun Bowl Drive, University of Texas at El Paso

Nature of Selection: Competitive Sealed Proposal

Total: $8,000,000.00

Completion Date: September 2001