Anthony Travel Information Center


Project Description

This project has a reinforced concrete paving roadway consisting of 5,600 LF, 8” deep over engineered fill, 24 ft wide. Curb and gutters were installed at both concrete paving interior faces along this roadway. This project also features 3 reinforced concrete paving parking lots. A reinforced concrete parking lot with 53,333 SF, 8” deep, a second reinforced concrete parking lot with 66,666 SF, 8” deep, and a third concrete reinforced parking lot with 70,899 SF, 8” deep. All parking lots over engineered fill. Concrete curb and gutters were also installed at the edges of these concrete reinforced parking lots. Concrete sidewalks were installed for a total of 1500 LF. A total of 18 light poles were installed as well as decorative light pipe bollards. All parking lot and roadway signage was installed as well as all required paving striping. All utility U.G lines were installed and inspected.

Additional Information

Location: I-10 East by Exit 0

Nature of Selection: Hard Bid

Total: $4,000,000.00

Completion Date: April 2000