Venegas Engineering Management and Construction

Venegas Engineering Management & Construction (“Vemac”) is a dynamic, integrated company established in fall of 2003. Vemac is comprised of experienced professionals in engineering, estimating, quality control, preconstruction services and accounting that have been practicing their trades in the El Paso area for decades; utilizing best of class technologies in construction management, estimating, scheduling and accounting, assuring your project will be completed on time, on budget with unsurpassed diligence and quality.

As a Developer, Vemac through a private sector consortium has developed a “special purpose vehicle” (SVP) to build and lease structures to specific occupancy requirements. This Developer/Tenant lease agreement permits the tenant to enjoy the use of lease space tailored to their specific business needs without assuming the risk and debt leverage required for new construction.

Vemac has teamed with various companies (SVP) and professionals to seek partnership opportunities with government entities through Unsolicited Proposals using various types of Public-Private Partnerships. Vemac utilizes the SVP to sign contractual agreements with government agencies that are not able to fund their infrastructure demands because of budget constraints. These partnerships provide better human resource collaboration, shared financial risks and rewards for both the public agency and private company, greater construction/design efficiencies and better access to capital. The public’s interest are fully assured through provisions in the contracts that provide for on-going monitoring and oversight. The government’s infrastructure needs are constructed today versus years from now. The ability of the private sector to provide infrastructure financing under current market conditions reduces the cost of the project (inflation cost) and provides the government agency with the ability to use current budget funds for current budget operational and maintenance requirements versus long term capital needs. In mass concrete construction Vemac has a strong team of highway concrete performance. This team has completed over $1 billon of mass concrete roads and buildings.

Through its Concrete Division, Vemac can also effectively and efficiently handle all needs in concrete and reinforcing steel projects such as foundations, slab on grade, slab on deck, cast in place concrete, tilt panel, “thin shell Hi-Tek panels” and mass concrete paving. Vemac’s Concrete Division has beneficial working relationships with local and national steel suppliers as well as concrete material suppliers.


  • Construction Management
  • CM at Risk
  • Design/Build
  • Cost Plus
  • Hard Bid
  • General Contracting
  • Thin Shell Concrete Steel Stud Wall System
  • Site Analysis
  • Estimating
  • Mass Site and Building Concrete
  • Saw Cutting
  • Sealants
  • Street Striping and Signage


  • Texas Hub Zone certified
  • Ranked 205th top 500 Hispanic Businesses in '05 and 257th in '04
  • Bi-lingual & expertly suited to the area workforce
  • OSHA/AGC Safety Partnership
  • Alliance of 90+ Subcontractors, A/E’s & Suppliers
  • GB-98 New Mexico Construction Certified
  • ACI Transportation Certified Personnel
  • First LEED Silver School in El Paso


  • Government
  • Schools
  • Commercial
  • Federal
  • CORP of Engineers
  • Private Design/Build